Our company

Our mission is to serve our clients in a framework of professionalism and ethics that at the same time represents the best cost option, incorporating technology systems and human resources with proven experience in shipping and all its related areas.

Our goal is to build strong business relationships and solutions tailored to the client, helping them to achieve their projects through the ideal handling of their freight and logistics requirements as well as providing the necessary consulting and training to achieve their goals.

Our associates

Compañía Trans Marítima SA de CV

Logistics operator that offers comprehensive services with a global reach, whether by sea, air or land. Services in commercial import and export operations with the aim of making the supplier in a supply chain efficient, profitable, timely and at the best cost-service-benefit, regardless of the nature of the shipment, its complexity or its location. Services such as air, sea, land transport, customs clearance, insurance, storage and distribution, are part of our proposals.


Gremex Shipping SA de CV

Shipping company with extensive experience in the maritime business, whether specialized ships or general cargo. We also have maritime multi-services according to the needs of our clients, such as technical operations, crew management, workshops, supplies and the purchase and sale of ships.